Increasing Capacity in the Professional Ecology Sector in Ireland: Partner Proposal

The shortage of skilled workforce relative to the current demands of the ecological sector in Ireland has been raised as a concern by CIEEM in recent years (see CIEEM Briefing Document from February 2022). One of the noticeable effects of a lack of capacity is difficulty in filling positions.

Our proposal is to deliver a twelve-month project to start to address these issues.

To deliver this work CIEEM intends to offer a fixed-term part-time employment contract. Project support will be provided by CIEEM’s Irish Project Officer, Head of Policy and Head of Professional Practice.

The Community Foundation Ireland (CFI) will fund half of the costs of this work, but we need to find the matching €10,000 required. We are looking for financial and operational investment from consultancies and organisations who are interested to working with us to address the capacity crisis and create an industry in Ireland that people want to join and to stay working in

First published: December 2023