In Practice Issue 93: Upland Ecology (Sept 2016)


The Central Role of Peatland Restoration in the Uplands
Penny Anderson

How Effective is Upland Moorland Management?
Andre Thiel

Evidence of Benefit to Breeding Birds from Blanket Bog Restoration at Dove Stone in the Peak District National Park
Geoff Carr and Dave O’Hara

The Cloud-Living Spider: Monitoring Invertebrate Diversity in the Uplands
Richard Wilson

An Innovative Approach to Landscape-Scale Peatland Restoration
Rachel Short and Peter Robson

United Utilities’ SCaMP Project – A Decade of Water Quality, Hydrological and Vegetation Monitoring
Sarah Ross, Gene Hammond and Clare Bullen

The Habitats Directive, Its Implementation and Interpretation in the Irish Courts
Elva Carbery

Meet the Author – Richard Wilson

The Reality of Brexit
Wyn Jones

Brexit: What now for the ecological consultancy market?
Andrew Baker

Innovation in Regulation: How Natural England is Thinking Differently to Deliver for Protected Species
Joanna Carter and Jane Morton

Natural England Response to Viewpoint

Reporting of Wildlife Crime Article 1 – Professional Issues to Consider
Ellie Strike, Mike Oxford and Sally Hayns

CIEEM Awards 2016

Professional Development for Office-Based Ecologists and Environmental Managers

25 Years On: A View from Graduate Members