In Practice Issue 89: Translocations (Sept 2015)


New International and National Guidelines for Conservation Translocations
Peter M. Hollingsworth and Martin Gaywood

Tuning in to Crayfish
Victoria Stead, Andy Cherrill CEnv MCIEEM and Tom Pope

Wood Ant Nest Translocations
Chris Cathrine MCIEEM

Keeping the Lights On: Ecology, Survey and Trapping Methods for Glow Worm Translocation
Emily Drinkwater GradCIEEM, Andrea Wilcockson CEnv MCIEEM and Bob Edmonds CEnv MCIEEM

A Novel Approach to Waxcap Translocation
Barry Wright MCIEEM

Soft Felling and Translocating Bat Roosts in Trees – Arboricultural Considerations
Jim Mullholland MCIEEM

Water Vole Translocation: Building Resilience to Predation into Receptor Habitat Design
Charlie Dwight CEcol MCIEEM and Chris DKeeling

Beavers in Scotland – The Final Report
Martin Gaywood

Meeting the Favourable Conservation Status Test for European Protected Species: A Different Approach?
Penny Simpson

Meet the Author – Emily Drinkwater

I’ve Got My Degree, Now What…? Becoming a Junior Ecologist
Dan Wales GradCIEEM, Jack Fenwick GradCIEEM and Sarah Emerson GradCIEEM

Time to Work, Rest and Play
Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM

Work on Construction Sites – A Further Update on LISS/CSCS Cards
Sally Hayns CEcol MCIEEM

Viewpoint: Is Ecology Really That Dangerous?
Steve Betts CEnv MCIEEM

Disciplinary Matters
Phillip Edwards CEcol FCIEEM

Complaints Update

Expanding CIEEM’s CPD Training
Helen Boulden

New tool to support CPD recording on the go!
Helen Boulden

CIEEM Awards 2015

Meet the Membership Team