In Practice Issue 77: Soils and Biodiversity (Sept 2012)


Soil Biodiversity, Soil Management and Ecosystem Services
Sheila Ross MIEEM

Restoring Heathlands While Minimising Damage to Soils
Isabel Alonso MIEEM and Gerard Hawley MIEEM

Soils and Land Capability – Assessing the Capacity of the Land to Deliver Ecosystem Services for the National Trust
Dick Thompson and Katherine Hearn

Remediation of Contaminated Land: Impacts of Recent Changes to the Law and Guidance
Penny Simpson and Luke Mooney

Retrospective Application of the Defra Biodiversity Offsetting Metric to a Development Project in Dudley, West Midlands
John Box CEnv FIEEM

Water Vole Mitigation Guidance: Important Updates for Evidence-Based Good Practice
Derek Gow MIEEM, Richard Andrews CEnv MIEEM and David W. Smith MIEEM

Are Bat Roosts Being Overlooked?
Katherine Bubb GradIEEM, Claire Andrews MIEEM and Richard Arnold CEnv MIEEM

A Radical Plan to Help the Natterjack?
Chris Gleed-Owen MIEEM

Surveying IEEM Members’ Attitudes to LRCs and Biodiversity Data
Tom Hunt

Enhancing Biodiversity through Soil Management: IEEM Summer Conference – 13 June 2012, London

IEEM House of Lords Event 2012