In Practice Issue 74: Rebuilding Biodiversity (Dec 2011)


Floodplain Meadows in Great Britain: Building the Evidence Base for Restoration 
Emma Rothero, Richard Jefferson FIEEM and David Gowing

Species-Rich Grassland Restoration on the River Nene, Northamptonshire, UK
Robin Field MIEEM and Sarah Still

A Model to Predict Wildlife Site Sensitivity to Visitor Pressure
Heather Webb

Ecologists as Farm Advisors: Using Knowledge and Skills Gained on the Job 
Amy Proctor, Jeremy Phillipson, Philip Lowe and Andrew Donaldson

Monitoring the Use of Badger Tunnels on Highways Agency Schemes
Bonnie Eldridge MIEEM and Jules Wynn MIEEM

Accessing Biodiversity Data for Desk Studies 
Paula Lightfoot

The Importance of Data Sharing… A Consultant’s View
Lisa Kerslake CEnv MIEEM

Bats and Hedgerows – Are Bat Surveyors on the Right Track?
Phil Richardson

IEEM Autumn Conference 2011: Rebuilding Biodiversity
Becky May AIEEM

IEEM Tony Bradshaw Best Practice Awards 2011
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Five Year Review of the Institute’s Disciplinary Process
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM and Mick Hall CEnv MIEEM

Ecological Skills Project – An Update
Sally Hayns

Working Towards our Royal Charter – An Update from the President 
Penny Anderson CEnv FIEEM

Review of IEEM’s Governance Structures and Processes 
Robin Buxton CEnv FIEEM