In Practice Issue 72: Invasive Species (June 2011)


The Age of Aliens 
Paul Roebuck

Invasive Weeds 
Mark Prout

Dikerogammarus villosus 
Drew Constable MIEEM and Nina J Fielding MIEEM

The Myths of Japanese Knotweed 
Maxime Jay

Science for Action 
Helen R Bayliss and Nicola P Randall

Recording Invasives Species Counts
Helen Roy

The Habitats Directive
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

The South Humber Gateway 
Darren Clarke and Will Brown MIEEM

Are Dormice Out of the Woods?
Ian White

Roman Snail
Heather Mansfield MIEEM

Member’s Comment: Spending Cuts 
Martyn Kelly CEnv FIEEM

Spring Conference 2011: Invasive Species 
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Living With Environmental Change Partnership
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Wetlands Matter 
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Sally Hayns

EcIA Guidelines 
Jessica Batchelor

Marine Protected Areas
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

IEEM’s Strategic Plan 2011-2015
Sally Hayns