In Practice Issue 70: 2010 Target (Dec 2010)


New Maps of Reality 
Morgan Parry

European Biodiversity Indicators 
Alan Feest MIEEM

The Future of European Funding for Nature and Biodiversity 
John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Biodiversity Offsets: Testing a Possible Method for Measuring Biodiversity Losses and Gains at Bardon Hill Quarry, UK
Helen Temple, Bob Edmonds CEnv MIEEM, Bill Butcher MIEEM and Jo Treweek CEnv MIEEM

The Olympic Park – A Biodiversity Action Plan in Action 
Claire Wansbury CEnv MIEEM and Richard Jackson

Delivering Wetland Biodiversity in the London 2012 Olympic Park 
Ian Morrissey MIEEM and Mike Vaughan

Otters in Scotland: How Vulnerable Are They to Disturbance? 
Sarah Bassett MIEEM and Jules Wynn MIEEM

Valuing Bats in Ecological Impact Assessment 
Stephanie Wray CEnv FIEEM, David Wells CEnv MIEEM, Emma Long MIEEM and Tony Mitchell-Jones MIEEM

Where is All the Data Going? 
Roy Tapping

Where is All the Data Going? An Extra View
Andy Tasker CEnv MIEEM

Shaping the Future of the Profession: Ecology and Environmental Management in the 21st Century Technical Workshop, February 2011 
Rebecca Freeman

Continuing Professional Development 
Nick Jackson AIEEM

IEEM Marine Conference 2010: Ecological Issues in the Marine Environment 
Laura Wilson

Biodiversity Beyond 2010: Missed Targets, New Opportunities – 2010 Annual Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Tony Bradshaw Best Practice Awards
Jason Reeves AIEEM

Working Towards Our Royal Charter – An Update 
Sally Hayns