In Practice Issue 68: Ecosystem Services (June 2010)


Ecosystem Services: From Theory to Application 
Stewart Clarke

The Economic Value of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services
John Box CEnv FIEEM

Valuing Ecosystem Services
Bruce Howard

Valuing and Using Ecosystem Services in Practice: Findings from the East of England Pilot Studies
Peter Glaves MIEEM and Dave Egan

Invertebrates and EcosystemServices: The Oil in the EcologicaL Machine
Chris Cathrine MIEEM

The Value of Nature and the Nature of Value: A Personal View
Nigel Cooper CEnv MIEEM

Unleashing the ‘Undead’? – The Relationship between Biotic and Abiotic Features and Processes in Ecosystem Services
Kate Jeffreys CEnv MIEEM, Teresa Fenn and Andy King MIEEM

A Functional Wetland Typology for Scotland
Lorna Harris MIEEM and Helen Simcox AIEEM

Standing Advice and Protected Species – Natural England’s New National Approach
Helen Lancaster MIEEM

How Minerals Site Restoration Can Help Deliver the UK PondHAP
Madeleine Ryan MIEEM and Pascale Nicolet

Letter from Member – A Year On: Observations on the 2009 Cheshire Habitats Regulations Judgement
Greg Carson CEnv MIEEM

Ecology Legal Update: Further Important Case law for European Protected Species; and the New Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010
Penny Simpson

IEEM Spring Conference 2010:Ecosystem Services
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Greetings from the New CEO
Sally Hayns

New Horizons for IEEM
Jim Thompson HonFSE CEnv FIEEM