In Practice Issue 67: Pollution (March 2010)



Biomonitoring of Air Pollution with Plants – A Regulatory Tool of the Future?
Nigel Bell CEnv FIEEM and Linda Davies MIEEM

The Recall of the Wild – WhatEU Legislation Means for UK Water Standards
Pam Gilder

Tidal Energy Barrages – What Can Geomorphological Analogues Tell Us About Their Likely Impact?
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Lichens, Bryophytes and Developments – Some Guidelines for Ecological Assessments 
Andy Acton

A Review of Two Years Following the BCT Tree Survey Guidelines
Jess Colebrook CEnv MIEEM and Bob Edmonds CEnv MIEEM

Planning and Protected Species – Letter of Concern

The New Marine Planning System

The Copenhagen Accord – Seeing REDD

IEEM and Natur Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Inter Academy Panel Conference on Biodiversity
Jason Reeves AIEEM