In Practice Issue 62: Mitigation (Dec 2008)


Mitigation Banking: Securing No Net Loss for Biodiversity?
William Latimer CEnv MIEEM and David Hill CEnv FIEEM

Large Scale Mitigation: A Case Study Using Water Voles 
Helen Markwell CEnv MIEEM

Site Mitigation for Invertebrates 
Alex Ramsay MIEEM

Mitigating Urban Pressures on Natura 2000 Heathlands in Dorset
Heather Tidball MIEEM and Phil Sterling

Can Non-Intrusive Geo-Physical Techniques Assist in Mapping Setts of the Eurasian Badger 
P O’Donoghue CEnv MIEEM, L Dolan, P D Dansie MIEEM and I Sharkey

Understanding the Habitats Directive: Appropriate Assessment -What is it and what is ‘appropriate’?
Roger Morris CEnv FIEEM

Survey Guidance for Assessing Bat Activity at Proposed On-Shore Wind Farms
James Cook MIEEM, Andrew McCarthy CEnv MIEEM, Stephen Holloway CEnv MIEEM and Gary Oliver CEnv MIEEM

Neglected Biodiversity: Mosses, Liverworts and Ecological Impact Assessment
Des A Callaghan MIEEM

Restoration Network Ireland 
Catherine A Farell MIEEM

Autumn Conference Report
Nick Jackson AIEEM

The IEEM Medal: Citation for Professor Charles Gimingham 
Pat Rae CEnv MIEEM and Una Urquhart CEnv FIEEM

Best Practice Awards 2008

Ecological Skills Gap Project

IUCN World Conservation Congress

New Fellows

Tony Bradshaw Obituary 
David Parker CEnv MIEEM