In Practice Issue 59: Ecology in Ireland (March 2008)


The Co-Evolution of Ecological Practice and Employment Opportunities in Engineering and Environmental Consultancies in Ireland 
Paul O’Donoghue CEnv MIEEM

The Current Status of Habitat and Species Conservation in Northern Ireland
James Robinson

Integrating Nature Conservation and Military Training in Northern Ireland

Sarah Jupp CEnv

Little Egret Expansion in Ireland: Cork – A Case Study 
Paul O’Donoghue CEnv MIEEM and Patrick Smiddy

The Habitats Directive and Sewage Treatment Upgrades in the Republic of Ireland 
Emma Leacroft CEnv, Hugh Watson CEnv MIEEM and Jo Mosley CEnv MIEEM

White-Clawed Crayfish: Use of Drainage Ditches 
Paul O’Donoghue CEnv MIEEM, Ross Macklin and Paul Dansie CEnv MIEEM

The Internation Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management?
Richard Nairn CEnv FIEEM

Healing the Sea – The Role of Marine Reserves
Lisa Chilton

Lyme Disease – Mountain or Molehill? 
Cathy Mordaunt CEnv MIEEM

Are the New EIA (Agriculture) Regulations in England Failing to Protect Semi-Natural Grasslands?
Miles King MIEEM, Lucy Rothstein and Ian Craft MIEEM

Best Practice for the Identification and the Assessment of UK BAP Priority Ponds 
Jim Fairclough MIEEM and Pascale Nicolet