In Practice Issue 110: Nitrogen (December 2020)


Gill Kerby, In Practice Editor 2014-2020

Feature Articles

Viewpoint: Nutrient Neutrality: The Next Frontier?
Dominic Coath

Use It or Lose It: Making Our Evidence About Air Pollution Work for Beneficial Ecosystem Change
Susan Zappala, Alexandra Cunha, Bev Nichols and Ulli Dragosits

Nitrogen Pollution in Estuarine and Coastal Waters
Steve Mustow

Solent Nutrients: An Opportunity to Build Back Better?
Allison Potts, David Hayward and Debbie Tann

Nitrogen Neutrality Within the Solent Region – An Ecologist’s View
David West

Fungi, Nitrogen Deposition and Forests: Challenges and Changes
Martin I. Bidartondo and Laura M. Suz

A Novel Approach to Quantify and Mitigate for Biodiversity Loss Caused by Nitrogen Deposition: A Worked Example and Case Study
Catherine Hibbert

Nitrogen Deposition Near Roads – The Importance of Trends and Local Factors in Air Quality Assessment
Victoria Sykes

Air Quality Assessment under the Habitats Regulations – Why We Need to Agree a Robust Approach to the Concept of De Minimis and the Setting of Thresholds and Screening Criteria
Caroline Chapman

Professional Updates

What Happened to “More, Bigger, Better and Joined”?
Sir John Lawton

Extended Season Environmental DNA Surveys for Great Crested Newts
Luke Gorman, Stephen Nisbet and Claire Wansbury

The Line We Tread: Assessing Complaints Against Members that Relate to Live Planning Matters
Ellie Strike

Update on The UK Habitat Classification
Bob Edmonds

Ethical Dilemmas

Complaints Update

Policy Activities Update
Amber Connett

Obituary: Georgina Mace
Professor Jon Bridle and Professor Kate Jones

Our Work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Diana Clark

Your Career and Membership Journey
Sarah Cox

CIEEM Welcomes New Fellows

Student Hub: Students and Early Careers

British Ecological Society
The Benefits of Moving Conferences Online in 2020

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