In Practice Issue 104: Biodiversity Net Gain (June 2019)

Feature Articles

Biodiversity Net Gain – Opportunity and Challenge
Tom Butterworth, Rachel Hoskin and Julia Baker

The Business and Biodiversity Offset Programme: Consensus and Controversy
Jo Treweek and Kerry ten Kate

Better Biodiversity Accounting
Richard Gowing

One Policy, Many Metrics: Comparing Different Metrics Because the Maths Matters
Matt Wainhouse, Claire Wansbury and James Hicks

Biodiversity Net Gain Must Lead to Proper Biodiversity Restoration at Scale
David Hill

Practical Considerations for Achieving Biodiversity Net Gain at the Site Level
David West

Residential Development and Biodiversity – Uneasy Bedfellows or an Opportunity to Benefit Both People and Nature?
Kate Vincent and Nicola Johansen

Biodiversity Net Gain – A Scottish Perspective
Francis Williams and Vikki Patton

The Swift – A Bird You Need to Help!
John Day, Edward Mayer and Dick Newell

Meet the Author: Jo Treweek

Professional Updates

Improving Working Conditions for Early Career Ecologists
Peter Lawrence and Craig Llewellyn

Registered Practices are live
Sally Hayns

Inaugural African Linear Infrastructure and Ecology Conference
Corin Simmonds

UK CSCS Cards – An Update
Sally Hayns

CIEEM Medal 2019 – Professor Desmond Thompson

Policy Activities Update
Amber Connett

Membership Update
Stuart Parks

Health and Wellbeing Survey – An Update
Sally Hayns

Student Hub: New Qualifying Grade

British Ecological Society – From Evidence to Policy

Academia Special Interest Group Report
Debbie Bartlett and Sharne McMillan