Buglife Species Management Information Sheets

These are a series of technical advice fact sheets relating to: Northern silver-stiletto (Scotland); Small scabious mining bee (Scotland); Violet oil beetle (Scotland); Tormentil mining bee and Tormentil nomad bee; Zircon reed-beetle; Pond mud snail; Long-horned bee; Set-aside downy-back beetle; Armed nomad bee; Sea-aster mining bee; Hornet robberfly; Blue ground beetle; Heath tiger beetle; Large garden bumblebee; Necklace ground beetle; Shining ram’s horn snail; Shrill and brown-banded carder bee; Small grey sedge (England); Northern February red (Scotland); Northern February red (Wales); Northern February red (England); Rare medium stonefly (Wales); Rare medium stonefly (England); Scarce brown sedge (England); Scarce grey flag (England); Southern iron blue (Scotland); Southern iron blue (England);Southern iron blue (Wales); Window winged sedge (Scotland); Window winged sedge (England); Yellow mayfly (Wales); Yellow mayfly (England); Oil beetles.

This is part of our Good Practice Guidance for Invertebrates, produced by Paul Lee.