Key Brexit Links and Documents

Below is a list of key documents and links that provide a wealth of information on Brexit and the subsequent impact on environmental policy.

Upholding environmental standards if there’s no Brexit deal (Guidance Note) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 13 Sept 2018
What if there’s no Brexit deal? House of Commons Library 10 Sept 2018


Brexit: energy and climate change


House of Commons Library 6 Sept 2018

Fisheries: Brexit Negotiations


House of Commons Library 6 Sept 2018
Brexit and the environment House of Commons Library 8 Aug 2018
 What is the future of environmental governance in Northern Ireland? Ciara Brennan, Mary Dobbs, Viviane Gravey and Attracta Uí Bhroin (Green Alliance Blog) 6 Aug 2018
Brexit Monitoring Report: Environment 19 May – 12 July 2018 National Assembly for Wales 20 July 2018
The Future of Environmental Governance in Northern Ireland Ciara Brennan, Mary Dobbs, Viviane Gravey and Attracta Uí Bhroin July 2018
Devolution after Brexit: Managing the environment, agriculture and fisheries Institute for Government 9 Apr 2018
Brexit and air quality House of Commons Library 6 March 2018
UK Environmental Policy Post-Brexit: A Risk Analysis Friends of the Earth Mar 2018
Future UK fisheries policy House of Commons Library 23 Feb 2018
Brexit: UK agriculture policy House of Commons Library 1 Feb 2018
Summary of EU Exit Scenario Planning Workshops Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs’ Evidence and Scenarios Roundtable Sub-Working Group Feb 2018
The policy framework for agriculture after the UK leaves the EU House of Commons Library 31 Jan 2018
Brexit and the environment House of Commons Library 19 Jan 2018
25-year environment plan House of Commons Library 17 Jan 2018
A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment UK Government 11 Jan 2018
Brexit and the Environment House of Commons Library 13 November 2017
Environmental Accountability After Brexit Maria Lee, UCL European Institute, University College London November 2017
Brexit and Environmental Law: The UK and International Environmental Law after Brexit UK Environmental Law Association 11 Sept 2017
Brexit and Environmental Law: Brexit, Henry VIII Clauses and Environmental Law UK Environmental Law Association 5 Sept 2017
Brexit and Nature Conservation Factsheet UK Environmental Law Association 5 Sep 2017
The potential implications of leaving the EU for UK agriculture and the rural environment (LUPG027) Land Use Policy Group (comprises Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage, Environment Agency, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency) 31 Aug 2017
Ensuring the Withdrawal Bill leads to a greener UK – Parliamentary briefing Greener UK Aug 2017
The governance gap: why Brexit could weaken environmental protections – Briefing for parliamentarians and policy makers Greener UK Aug 2017
Brexit and the Future of Ireland – Uniting Ireland & Its People in Peace & Prosperity Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement (Houses of the Oireachtas) Aug 2017
Speech: The Unfrozen Moment – Delivering A Green Brexit Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Environment Secretary 21 Jul 2017
Brexit and Environmental Law: Enforcement and Political Accountability Issues UK Environmental Law Association 18 Jul 2017
Brexit: What next for UK fisheries? House of Commons Library 4 July 2017
Principles For a Sustainable Brexit: A Strategic Plan for Clean Growth Policy Connect Jul 2017
The Repeal Bill: securing a strong foundation for a greener UK – Briefing for parliamentarians and policy makers Greener UK Jun 2017
Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union – Brexit: Implications and Potential Solutions Seanad Special Select Committee (Houses of the Oireachtas) Jun 2017
Brexit: agriculture – 20th Report of Session 2016-17 (HL Paper 169) House of Lords European Union Committee 3 May 2017
Government response to the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee report into Brexit, Environment and Climate Change Policy Dr Thérèse Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Defra 16 Apr 2017
Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (Great Repeal Bill White Paper) UK Government 30 Mar 2017
Letter to Donald Tusk triggering Article 50 Prime Minister Theresa May 29 Mar 2017
Motion for a resolution to wind up the debate on negotiations with the UK following its notification that it intends to withdraw from the EU European Parliament 29 Mar 2017
Government response to House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee Report into the future of fisheries in the light of the vote to leave the EU UK Government 16 Mar 2017
The future of environmental policy after Brexit (event summary report) Natural Capital Initiative 9 Mar 2017


Great Repeal Bill Briefing

Agriculture at a crossroads: the need for sustainable farming and land use policies

Delivering sustainable fisheries management: A sustainable future for UK seas

Securing a healthier environment and nature’s recovery: A briefing for policy makers following the EU referendum

UK climate leadership and low carbon investment: A briefing for policy makers following the EU referendum

Greener UK 22 Feb 2017
Brexit: environment and climate change (12th Report of Session 2016–17) Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee 14 Feb 2017
Exiting the EU, not the environment Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party Co-leader 13 Feb 2017
White Paper: The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union UK Government 2 Feb 2017
Securing Wales’ Future: Transition from the European Union to a new relationship with Europe [Wales Brexit White Paper] Welsh Government 23 Jan 2017
Speech: The Government’s negotiating objectives for exiting the EU Prime Minister Theresa May 17 Jan 2017
The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum (Sixth Report of Session 2016–17) Environmental Audit Committee 4 Jan 2017
Speech: Environment Secretary sets out ambition for food and farming industry Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom 4 Jan 2017
Scotland’s Place in Europe [Scotland Brexit White Paper] Scottish Government 20 Dec 2016
Brexit: fisheries – 8th Report of Session 2016-17 (HL Paper 78) House of Lords European Union Committee 17 Dec 2016
Exiting the EU and science and research House of Commons Library 14 Dec 2016
The EU Referendum and the UK Environment: The Future Under a ‘Hard’ and a ‘Soft’ Brexit Burns, C., Jordan, A. and Gravey, V. Aug 2016
Brexit – What next for Environmental & Climate Change Law? Clifford Chance June 2016
Brexit – the Implications for UK Environmental Policy and Regulation

A special independent report commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Environment Group

Prepared by David Baldock, Andrew Farmer and Martin Nesbit (Institute for European Environmental Policy)

Mar 2016
The potential policy and environmental consequences for the UK of a departure from the European Union IEEP report commissioned by RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts and WWF 9 Mar 2016
EU exit: impact in key UK policy areas House of Commons Library 9 Jun 2015
The Implications for UK Environmental Policy of a Vote to Exit the EU Dr Charlotte Burns, University of York 9 May 2013

Links to Other External Information and News Relevant to Brexit and the Natural Environment:

Brexit: All you need to know BBC News n/a
Brexit: what now? Institute for Government n/a
Official Welsh Government Brexit page Welsh Government n/a
EU Referendum Webpage UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) n/a
The EU Referendum and the UK Environment: An Expert Review

Dr Charlotte Burns, University of York

Dr Viviane Gravey, Queen’s University Belfast

Prof. Andy Jordan, University of East Anglia

Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies House of Commons Library 30 May 2018
Voting on Brexit: Parliament’s consideration of the withdrawal deal and future framework Institute for Government 16 Apr 2018
Negotiating Brexit: the views of the EU27 Institute for Government 21 Mar 2018
Frameworks analysis: breakdown of areas of EU law that intersect with devolved competence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland UK Government 9 Mar 2018
Leaving the EU: Role of the Devolved Administrations and Implications for the Union House of Lords Library 22 Jan 2018
Trade after Brexit: Options for the UK’s relationship with the EU Institute for Government 18 Dec 2017
Who’s afraid of the ECJ? Charting the UK’s relationship with the European Court Institute for Government 8 December 2017
The EU Invasive Alien Species Regulation & Brexit Wildlife and Countryside Link December 2017
Future of the rural economy in Wales House of Commons Library 27 Nov 2018
Inquiring about Brexit: How select committees can provide effective scrutiny in 2017-19 Institute for Government 21 Nov 2017
Gove’s post-Brexit environment watchdog Jill Rutter, Institute for Government 15 Nov 2017
Environment Secretary Michael Gove announces plans to consult on a new, independent body for environmental standards Defra news announcement 13 Nov 2017
Will the UK’s 25 year environment plan set its sights higher than Europe? Richard Benwell, WWT 11 Oct 2017
Brexit: time to get serious  Shaun Spiers, Green Alliance 6 Oct 2017
Brexit: a reading list of post-EU Referendum publications by the UK Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies (Briefing Paper no. 07912) House of Commons Library 5 Sep 2017
Environmental law will pose immense challenges in run up to Brexit UKELA 28 Jun 2017
Leaving in an orderly fashion – our approach to Brexit The Law Society 17 May 2017
Three unintended consequences of Brexit for UK energy and climate policy Charlotte Burns, The Conversation 2 May 2017
Repeal Bill: stricter scrutiny needed to make the White Paper green Richard Benwell, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust 31 Mar 2017
Brexit: ‘Zombie legislation’ risk for UK environment laws Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth 29 Mar 2017
Reconciling post-Brexit development and environmental protection goals Ben Kite CEcol MCIEEM, The Planner 28 Mar 2017
Five very real risks to our environment from Brexit and how to tackle them Leah Davis, Green Alliance 27 Mar 2017
Europe should remain focused in the face of Brexit and not lose its value for the environment, former Commissioners and leading experts warn European Environmental Bureau 21 Mar 2017
Richard Ali: Environmental payments. A safety net. And a sovereign fund. How to build a post-Brexit future for farming. Richard Ali, Conservative Home 18 Mar 2017
Brexit creates an opportunity to support UK food production and restore nature Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP, former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 13 Mar 2017
As we leave the EU we must plan for nature’s recovery Ali Plummer, wildlife law campaigner, The Wildlife Trusts 20 Feb 2017
PM outlines plan for Britain out of single market: Clarity on environmental legislation required as May outlines UK’s preferred Brexit route and stresses importance of economic infrastructure and industrial strategy Environment Analyst 19 Jan 2017
Effect of the UK leaving the EU on the rural economy House of Commons Library 16 Jan 2017
Green Brexit: Safeguarding Britain’s environment Baroness Jones and Baroness Parminter 16 Jan 2017
Roseanna Cunningham: Brexit puts Scotland’s environment at risk Liam Kirkaldy, Holyrood magazine 13 Jan 2017
Brexit: UK-Irish relations (HL Paper 76) (6th Report of Session 2016–17) House of Lords European Union Select Committee 12 Dec 2016
Four-nation Brexit: How the UK and devolved governments should work together on leaving the EU Institute for Government 24 Oct 2016
Watch the debate: People, politics and the planet: any questions? Britain in a changing Europe Royal Geographical Society, British Ecological Society and Sibthorp Trust 21 July 2016
Northern Ireland and Wales must work together to maximise opportunities presented by Brexit Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs 20 Jul 2016
Working together to protect nature WWF-UK 30 Jun 2016
A legal perspective on the UK’s decision to leave the EU (webinar) IEMA 28 Jun 2016
British Ecological Society response to the UK’s EU referendum result Hazel Norman, British Ecological Society 28 Jun 2016
Brexit and Wildlife Legislation Thomson Ecology 24 Jun 2016
WWF responds to EU referendum result WWF-UK 24 Jun 2016
EU debate video Landscape Institute June 2016

In or out – what’s the best for British bats?

Response from Britain Stronger in Europe
1 Jun 2016

Chris Packham President, Dr David Gibbons Chair, Julia Hanmer Joint CEO, Kit Stoner Joint CEO, Bat Conservation Trust (Letters, Guardian) 13 May 2016
Members Recognise UK Environmental and Business Benefits of EU Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) 11 May 2016
Boris is wrong on Brexit – the environment is better off because of the EU Stanley Johnson, E4E 20 Apr 2016
Experts agree: EU membership is good for Britain’s natural environment Charlotte Burns, The Conversation 19 Apr 2016
EU membership ‘good for UK environment’ say MPs BBC News 19 Apr 2016
EU membership positive for UK environment Environmental Audit Committee 19 Apr 2016
EU and UK Environmental Policy report Environmental Audit Committee 19 Apr 2016
EU Referendum and UK environment: expert review Dr Charlotte Burns, Professor Andrew Jordan, Viviane Gravey et al., The UK in a Changing Europe  11 Apr 2016
The Benefits of Europe for Energy and Climate Change – And What Could Happen If We Brexit Pete Clutton-Brock, Jonathan Gaventa, Alastair Harper and Dustin Benton, E3G 5 Apr 2016
Brexit – What will happen to Environmental & Climate Change Law? Clifford Chance April 2016
The Environment After Exit Costing the Earth, BBC Radio 4 16 Mar 2016
Poll: UK environmental professionals overwhelmingly back continued EU membership James Murray, Business Green 14 Mar 2016
Stronger, Safer, Greener? Should environmentalists support the UK’s membership of the EU? Ruth Davis, E3G 11 Mar 2016
Ecology professionals’ survey reveals overwhelming majority concerned about Brexit Holly Waterman, Baker Consultants 11 Mar 2016
UK membership of the EU: what it means for wildlife and what might happen if we leave Martin Harper’s blog (RSPB) 9 Mar 2016
Brexit could worsen the construction sector’s skills shortage Holly Waterman, Baker Consultants 26 Feb 2016
Environment Minister [Liz Truss] addresses the National Farmers’ Union Conference Defra 23 Feb 2016
Position on EU Membership Friends of the Earth UK 20 Feb 2016
The UK’s membership of the European Union – why it matters for wildlife Stephanie Hilborne OBE, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts 20 Feb 2016
PM’s statement following Cabinet meeting on EU settlement (Announcement of 23 June 2016 as date of referendum) GOV.UK 20 Feb 2016
What has the EU done for UK nature? Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth 7 Feb 2016

Brexit would return Britain to being ‘dirty man of Europe’

Launch of Environmentalists for Europe (E4E), co-chaired by CIEEM Patron Baroness Barbara Young

John Vidal, Guardian 3 Feb 2016
Seven things you should know about the EU and the environment Matthew Spencer, Green Alliance 28 Jan 2016

Parliamentary question on what contingency arrangements Defra has made for the eventuality of a majority leave vote in the upcoming EU referendum

(Referenced response)

Tim Loughton MP 19 Jan 2016
5 reasons why leaving the EU could be disastrous for the UK’s environment Seb Dance MEP 19 Jan 2016
British exit from EU would be bad for UK renewable energy business Andrew Baker FCIEEM, Scottish Energy News 14 Jan 2016
UK’s potential exit from the EU threatens economic and regulatory uncertainty Holly Waterman, Baker Consultants 3 Nov 2015
Assessment of EU/UK environmental policy inquiry Environmental Audit Committee 19 Oct 2015 (ongoing)
Assessing the Performance of EU Nature Legislation in Protecting Target Bird Species in an Era of Climate Change Sanderson et al., Conservation Letters 14 Jul 2015
Report on the status of and trends for habitat types and species covered by the Birds and Habitats Directives for the 2007-2012 period European Commission 20 May 2015
Environment report shows benefits of EU action European Commission 3 Mar 2015
Manual of European Environmental Policy: Chapter 9 – Biodiversity Institute for European Environmental Policy 27 Nov 2014
Species, Habitats, Society: An Evaluation of Research Supporting EU’s Natura 2000 Network Popescu et al., PLOS One 21 Nov 2014
Environmental policy and the UK’s review of the EU Balance of Competences Institute for European Environmental Policy 19 Mar 2014
Does the EU benefit the UK environment? Institute for European Environmental Policy 12 Aug 2013
IES Magazine – The EU: Red Tape or Green Governance Institution of Environmental Sciences Aug 2013
Report on the influence of EU policies on the environment Institute for European Environmental Policy Aug 2013
How the EU benefits UK environmental policy Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research 25 Jul 2013
The Efficiency of the European Natura 2000 Network for Four Birds of Prey Mazaris et al., PLOS One 19 Mar 2013
The Economic benefits of the Natura 2000 Network European Commission 2013
The economic benefits of environmental policy Sustainable Europe Research Institute Nov 2009