NEW LGBTQ+ Special Interest Group Launched

CIEEM has joined with partners the Landscape Institute, Design Council and Institute of Place Management (IPM), to launch a new networking group for LGBTQ+ members and allies.

#RainbowPlaces provides a platform for people to have conversations around their experiences, to develop and implement ideas of how to make the industry more inclusive, to raise awareness and visibility, to champion role models and ‘proud’ practices already providing inclusive workplaces, and to lead by example in building a network with LGBT+ professionals and allies across the landscape, place and environment sectors.

The SIG will be hosted by the Landscape Institute and supported by the other partner bodies.

Our Aims

  • To form a support and communication network to represent our LGBT+ members and allies.
  • To help practices to improve LGBT+ inclusivity in the workplace.
  • To connect with LGBT+ groups in other disciplines.
  • To find areas within the industry with the potential to improve their approach to diversity.
  • To organise LGBT+ networking events.
  • To improve visibility of LGBT+ people within the industry.

Why have we launched #RainbowPlaces?

As environment and landscape professionals, we are passionate about people, place and nature and working towards improving the world around us.

But recent associated industry LGBT+ surveys suggest that we may be falling short of creating workplace environments that are inclusive of LGBT+ members in the profession. Through #RainbowPlaces, we want to represent and promote the value of diversity in our membership.

Next steps

In the first instance, we want to hear from you, LGBT+ professionals and allies, with your expressions of interest, thoughts and ideas for the group.

Later in the year there will be a Landscape, Place and Environmental Industries LGBT+ survey, which will help us understand the current state of our professions regarding LGBT+ inclusivity.

Please register your interest below for more details and to share your thoughts and ideas as we grow the network (NB: this link will take you to the Landscape Institute website):

Register your interest in joining the #RainbowPlaces LGBTQ+ network