New charges for Natural England wildlife licences

Natural England has introduced planned charges for a range of licences from 7 December 2020. These charges are now in place, details as below. Applications are now subject to charges for the following licences:

  • Badger: A24 Interfere with a badger sett for development; CL35 badger class licence: site notification (only available to registered consultants)
  • Wild plants: A31 Take wild plants
  • European Protected Species (other): A12 EPS mitigation licence
  • Natterjack toad: A44 Natterjack toad mitigation
  • Otter: A45 Otter mitigation
  • Smooth snake and sand lizard: A46 Smooth snake and sand lizard mitigation
  • Water vole: CL31 Intentional disturbance and damage destruction of water vole burrows for development

This introduction brings these in line with bat, dormouse and great crested newt mitigation licences, for which Natural England already charges fees.

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