Natural England Publish New Draft Conservation Advice Packages

Natural England has published nine new draft Conservation Advice packages to enable developers and operators to understand the impact of their proposed development on habitats and species in protected sites across England.

The advice covers sites which are home to England’s seahorses, black bream breeding sites and internationally important populations of seabirds, including the Isles of Scilly Special Protection Area (SPA), Utopia Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), and Studland Bay MCZ in Dorset.

Anna Millard, Conservation Advice Project Manager said:

Conservation Advice helps us turn protected sites from lines on a map into something that can be well-managed and delivers conservation gains. By conserving and restoring these sites, we can help to build more resilience into our landscapes and seas, protecting them for future generations.

Conservation Advice packages are now available for over 350 of our most important protected areas in both the marine and terrestrial environments. All nine draft packages will be open for comments online until Wednesday 17 June 2020.