National Nature Reserves offer £36 million of benefits to society

Natural England has published new research which highlights that National Nature Reserves (NNRs) managed by Natural England offer a wide range of economic, environmental and societal benefits.

The Natural Capital Accounting report shows the most significant benefits provided by the NNRs are wildlife, positive cultural impacts and carbon sequestration. The annual benefits provided by carbon sequestration were calculated to be £12 million, while the benefits of recreation access equate to £22 million per year. In total, the benefits were calculated to total £36 million per year.

Tim Hill, Chief Scientist at Natural England said:

National Nature Reserves are the crown jewels of our natural heritage, important natural capital assets that need to be understood to ensure they are resilient so we can continue to provide environmental, societal and economic benefits for generations to come.

I believe that these accounts demonstrate not only how important National Nature Reserves are, but also how a more inclusive approach to natural capital accounting is essential if we are to invest in, and manage, our natural capital for the full suite of benefits that they offer.