King’s Speech is Missed Opportunity for Nature

Wildlife and Countryside Link (WCL), of which CIEEM is a member, has issued a statement on today’s King’s speech. WCL is the largest nature coalition in England, bringing together 80 organisations to use their joint voice to protect the natural world.

In summary:

  • The King’s Speech is a missed opportunity for nature.
  • At a time when nature is in continuing decline, to the detriment of human health, the economy and efforts to reach net zero, the omission of nature recovery measures constitutes a misstep.
  • In place of the required environmental action, we have attempts to forge dividing lines through North Sea licensing proposals which will harm the environment without reducing UK energy bills.
  • We ask parliamentarians to raise these points during the Debate on the Address, to urge the Government to drop this harmful approach, and pursue the ambitious environmental policies climate, nature and people need.
  • This ambitious approach could be advanced by Private Member’s Bills delivering existing but overdue Government commitments, including banning on peat use in horticulture and ratifying the Global Ocean Treaty.

Read the full statement.