Inquiry launched on invasive species

The Environmental Audit Committee has launched a new inquiry into the impacts and threats to biosecurity from invasive species.

CIEEM will be responding to the inquiry. Members are encouraged to submit contributions to by 25 April 2019. The full CIEEM submission can only be up to 3,000 words so we only need brief information or links to further information.

Submissions should focus on:

  • How well is the UK and its overseas territories managing the impact of invasive species and controlling the risks of further invasion?
  • Of those that are already in the UK, which invasive species are posing the greatest harm to:
    a. human health;
    b. animal health;
    c. plant health and biodiversity.
  • What are the risks of invasive non-native species migrating to the UK from future climate change?
  • What actions should the UK take to mitigate the risk, or adapt to, climate migrations of invasive species?
  • Where should the four nations prioritise resources to tackle invasive species?
  • How can the risk of trade and future trading relationships bringing non-native invasive species to the UK be mitigated?
  • How effective have the European Union’s Invasive Alien Species Regulations been at addressing and tackling invasive species?
  • In the event of EU exit, how should the UK establish its replacement for the European Commission’s scientific forum to update the species list of concern?
  • How should the UK work with the European Commission and others internationally to reduce the risk of invasive species?