Environmental Protections Post-Brexit: A Letter From Natural England

Yesterday, we received a letter from Natural England in regards to environmental protections post-Brexit.

In the letter, Interim Chief Executive Marian Spain, explained that whether we leave the EU with or without a deal, the UK government is committed to maintaining environmental standards, and will continue to uphold international obligations.

Ms Spain also clarified the following:

  • All European protected sites and species will retain the same level of protection once the UK leaves the European Union.
  • The environmental assessment regimes that inform planning decisions (Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitat Regulations Assessment) will continue to apply post EU exit.
  • All permits and licences issued by UK regulatory bodies will continue to apply as now.
  • The legal framework for enforcing environmental regulations through regulatory bodies and the courts is unaffected by leaving the EU and continues to apply.

Please contact Natural England through normal channels with any queries.