CIEEM and SER Europe sign MOU

CIEEM and the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) Europe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

SER Europe is the European chapter of the international Society for Ecological Restoration. It is a network of restoration experts, exchanging knowledge and expertise for the promotion of ecological restoration in Europe. Their mission is to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture.

The agreement between CIEEM and SER Europe includes:

  • Providing reciprocal awareness raising and promotion of each other’s websites, publications, standards, initiatives and other relevant activities.
  • CIEEM members receiving access to the SER Europe newsletter for no additional cost.
  • CIEEM promoting individual membership of SER International and SER Europe to its Special Interest Group members.
  • SER offering, at its discretion, discounted delegate attendance fees to non-SER members of CIEEM for SER Europe conferences.
  • Where appropriate, SER Europe advocating CIEEM’s positions in the European policy arena.
  • By its affiliation to SER Europe and other collaborative actions, CIEEM being incorporated into the wider network of European Conservation Societies and actors (such as the European Habitats Forum).
  • CIEEM and SER Europe collaborating, as opportunities arise, on co-organising relevant courses, workshops, conferences and other professional development events.
  • CIEEM becoming an Affiliated Member of SER Europe.

Thanks to the CIEEM Ecological Restoration and Habitat Creation Special Interest Group (ERHC SIG) for initiating and facilitating this process.