Biodiversity Net Gain Metric 4.0 Published

The UK Government has today published version 4.0 of the Biodiversity Net Gain Metric. This updates version 3.1 that was published in April 2022. Government anticipates that this new metric (4.0) will be the version that will become statutory from November this year.

Defra has also published an updated version of the Small Sites Metric to align it with BNG Metric 4.0.

The metric 4.0 updates now available include updated versions of:

  • Biodiversity Metric 4.0 Calculation Tool
  • Biodiversity Metric 4.0 User Guide
  • Technical Information Annex
  • Condition Assessment sheets and methodology
  • QGIS Template
  • GIS Import Tool & Guidance
  • Small Sites metric (Biodiversity Metric 4.0) Calculation Tool
  • Small Sites metric (Biodiversity Metric 4.0) User Guide

Publication of Metric 4.0 follows on from the Government publishing their response to the BNG consultation responses.