Biodiversity Net Gain guidance published

CIEEM, CIRIA and IEMA have jointly published guidance on Biodiversity Net Gain for UK construction and developments.

Biodiversity Net Gain is development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before. The decline in UK habitats and species makes reversing past losses an imperative not just in terms of the benefits to wildlife but also in terms of economic and social benefits.

The three leading industry bodies have collaborated with a range of sector stakeholders to produce new guidance on how to achieve this.

CIEEM, CIRIA and IEMA have issued three documents which can be downloaded free of charge:

Commenting on the new guidance CIEEM President, Max Wade, said: “If biodiversity net gain is to be effective in reversing the catastrophic losses of biodiversity, it is essential that it is designed and delivered to a high standard. This new guidance will help all those keen to learn how to use this new approach and apply it to a range of different types of development.”

Martin Baxter, Chief Policy Advisor at IEMA, said: “Turning the tide of biodiversity decline will require skilled professionals to understand the net-gain approach, make the business case and integrate into future-fit design. This guidance will help them to do so in an effective way.”

Dirk Vennix, CIRIA Chief Executive, said: “There are so many ways in which we can influence whether our environment is degraded or enhanced. Good environmental practice and collaboration have been at the heart of CIRIA’s activities for decades. I am delighted that this project has brought together so many like-minded individuals and organisations to produce this guidance at a time when the Government is consulting on this important regulatory issue.”

CIEEM has recently also responded to the Defra consultation on Biodiversity Net Gain.