Behind the Scenes Volunteering: CIEEM Audit, Risk and Investment Sub-committee

CIEEM are very fortunate to have the dedicated support of a brilliant community of volunteers, but the visibility of their work varies greatly. We’d like to take a moment to thank one of CIEEM’s volunteer sub-committees that operates behind the scenes and also take the chance appeal for some additional help.

The Audit Risk and Investment Sub-committee (ARIC) exists primarily to support the CIEEM Governing Board by carefully scrutinising areas of risk, including financial, health and safety and operational. This is an extremely crucial part of the Institute, and the involvement of volunteers in this area who provide their expertise, vision and experience to this committee is hugely appreciated by everyone at team CIEEM. The committee have been diligent in identifying any areas of risk in CIEEM’s operational activity and ensure the Institute remains compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements. For that, we simply can not thank them enough!

The ARIC has now reached a stage were it is looking for another Full or Fellow CIEEM member to join it and support in this crucial work.

What is involved in the ARIC role?

The ARIC meet no less than twice in any twelve month period, although further meetings are arranged when required and as directed by the Chair of the committee. The sub-committee undertake duties including (but not limited to); ensuring that a risk register is maintained and review it periodically; satisfy itself that management and internal processes to manage the identified risks are being administered effectively; scrutinise relevant financial information, including income and expenditure and cash flow, to ensure that CIEEM remains solvent and able to operate effectively and; advise on CIEEM’s reserves and investment policies. The committee ensures the Institute can continue its vital work safely and effectively.

How can you join the committee?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the ARIC or applying to join the committee, please email us at We’d be very keen to hear from you if you are able to offer your experience to this vital committee and are grateful for any applications we receive. Thank you!