All-Ireland Pollinator Plan: Working Together For Biodiversity

A new booklet from All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP) has been published that explores what has been achieved through the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan in its first five years.

The voluntary AIPP identified 81 actions, shared out between over 100 governmental and non-governmental organisations, to collectively reverse pollinator losses and help restore healthy populations. This report notes that all 81 actions in the 2015-2020 Plan have been delivered and showcases 80 stories to illustrate some of the ways that people have helped pollinators since 2015.

The Plan aims to begin a process of working collectively to raise awareness, deliver pollinator-friendly habitat and collect evidence. Ecologists and environmental managers play a key role in this, particularly when implementing or advising on land management and development. Therefore, as part of the 2015-2020 plan, CIEEM agreed to:

  • Provide advice including increasing awareness of the importance of pollinators, encouraging habitat creation and enhancement measures; encouraging the preparation of Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs)
  • Implement training for CIEEM members
  • Promote conservation of the species through EcIA, mitigation design, BAP work
  • Run annual identification workshops and field based events

We have compiled a selection of the many resources provided by the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan to help members support action for pollinators and held a workshop for members to hear from a number of professionals about their experience and lessons learnt on topics such as, the importance of working with Landscape architects, seed sourcing and wildflower meadow creation.