Achieving carbon zero and environmental sustainability through graduate employability – by Dr Liz Lakin MCIEEM & Dr Laura Roberts MCIEEM

This blog has been written in conjunction with CIEEM’s upcoming conference ‘Delivering a Nature Positive, Carbon Negative Future.

Increasingly universities are being challenged to establish a strategy to achieve carbon zero by 2030. A major success criterion is enabling graduates to meet the needs of their future employers in terms of environmental sustainability and related competencies.

So, what prerequisites do you have for the next generation’s workforce, if they are to aspire to a ‘nature positive, carbon negative’ environment? We often talk about upskilling whilst enabling appropriate knowledgebase, opportunities, and experiences, but what does this mean and are you finding it through your recruitment? How fit for purpose are graduates in terms of embracing sustainability and nature-based solutions, whilst achieving carbon neutrality and biodiversity-richness?

Join us to explore some of the plans in place across the UK’s academic and business / industrial sectors to achieve carbon neutrality. Help build a sense of shared ownership based on good practice and triumphs, as we move towards graduate employability, thereby meeting the needs of today’s issues through tomorrow’s successes.

Start this process by activating the QR code to contribute to an online survey recording your thoughts and aspirations about graduate employability, carbon neutrality and biodiversity-richness.

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