ACCE Highlight Topic 2020: ‘Dynamic Landscapes’

The doctoral training partnership, ACCE, has announced that its annual highlight topic for 2020 will be ‘Dynamic Landscapes’. A number of studentships will be allocated to the theme to form a cohort of studentships working on a related set of impact challenges.

Landscapes across the globe are being altered as a result of both land-use change and climate change, with impacts extending beyond the terrestrial environment into freshwater and marine systems. This highlight topic aims to understand the impact of these changes on the ecosystem functioning of these landscapes, the natural capital they provide, and the biodiversity they support.

ACCE are now looking for PhD proposals, co-designed by ACCE academics and project partners, that seek to address the following topics:

1. How should we monitor and assess ecological changes in dynamic landscapes?
2. What is the impact of landscape change on natural capital accounting?
3. How can landscapes enhance climate change mitigation and / or species conservation?
4. How can we use data on landscape change to inform management interventions to enhance ecosystem function and / or biodiversity?
5. How can habitat restoration future-proof against the impacts of climate change?

If you have an idea for a project or would like to support the ACCE PhD studentships, please contact CIEEM is a Partner of ACCE.