Tackling invasive species for Invasive Species Week 2019

Our members and secretariat have recently taken part in a number of activities to raise awareness of invasive species.

We recently submitted written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee as part of their Invasive Species Inquiry. In January, our President, Max Wade, also gave evidence to the Science and Technology Committee on Japanese Knotweed and the built environment and the experience of professionals working in this area.

Recently, Max and Richard Barnes MCIEEM Woodland Trust attended a Wildlife & Countryside Link event at the House of Lords listening to and asking questions of Lord Gardiner of Kimble and Lord Teverson on Invasive Species and Brexit – Responding to an Intensifying Environmental Threat.

CIEEM President, Max Wade, and Richard Barnes MCIEEM Woodland Trust.

Max also attended attended the Water UK Networks: Invasive Species Forum 2019 with Chris Gerrard MCIEEM Anglian Water who gave a presentation explaining the value of CIEEM membership and encouraged attendees to apply.

Our members at AECOM have also contributed identification sheets for 14 “new” species to the GB Non-native Species Secretariat’s ID sheet resource as well as providing sessions to raise awareness.

We also have a number of upcoming events on invasive species, including an Oak Processionary Moth Workshop, an Invasive Species Field Visit and our Identification of Invasive Alien Plants training course.

This week is the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat’s Invasive Species Week, during which organisations across the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man work together to raise awareness.

Find out more about Invasive Species Week.