Scottish charities publish report on conservation progress

The Scottish Environment Link has published its Still Delivering the Goods report. The report builds on their 2008 report Delivering the Goods by setting out 15 case studies of work undertaken by Scotland’s environmental charities to protect and enhance biodiversity.

The report references project contributions to biodiversity objectives, employment and skills and climate change; identifying barriers and solutions, which include funding and working in partnership.

In recognising the progress, they do however also acknowledge remaining challenges for Scotland.

“These case studies demonstrate the track record and plans of Scotland’s environmental charities. They include real, proven delivery for species, habitats, and ecosystems. They illustrate the critical role that NGOs play in levering external funding to benefit Scotland’s environment. They also demonstrate significant contributions to Scotland climate emergency response, with simultaneous and valuable cultural, well-being and socio-economic benefits. Despite the successes, however, this review also highlights several challenges, especially funding. It further reveals the enormous reliance, by Government and public bodies, on the charities’ members and donors and charitable funds they can access to achieve their public policy goals.”