Revised Best Practice Guidance for the Use of Remote Techniques for Ornithological Monitoring at Offshore Windfarms

This COWRIE report updates the Desholm et al. (2005) document on the use of remote techniques for offshore windfarm studies. The report aims to provide a Guidance Framework within the development process for offshore windfarms in the UK in order that ‘remote techniques’ successfully provide additional focus and value to standard baseline bird monitoring techniques (aerial and boat-based) during the EIA process.

This is part of our Good Practice Guidance for birds, produced by Keith Ross and James Latham.

Reference: Walls, R.J., Pendlebury, C.J, Budgey, R., Brookes, K. & Thompson, P. (2009) Revised best practice guidance for the use of remote techniques for ornithological monitoring at offshore windfarms. Published by COWRIE Ltd.