Opening Up Vocational Pathways Into Nature-based Green Jobs

To address climate change and restore nature, we will need many more people with ecology skills working in the sector. Recruitment today relies on graduates and postgraduates in ecology and related subjects.

This report explores one way to address the skills gap, which is to improve pathways into ecology jobs for young people with vocational qualifications and for mid-career changers.

This research was commissioned by CIEEM and Lantra, involving workshops with a wide range of employers and new entrants into ecology to understand the barriers facing new entrants in the profession.

The report summarises the key findings:

  1. There is a capacity crisis and skills gap in the sector
  2. There is an overreliance on volunteering
  3. Jobs in ecology are unappealing compared to other sectors
  4. There is confusion about vocational qualifications
  5. The capacity crisis is unquantified
  6. The sector is looking for leadership

First published: November 2023

Commissioned by: CIEEM and Lantra

Research conducted by: Resources for Change