Nature-based Solutions: the Conventions on Climate & Biodiversity Panel Event

Towards the end of 2021, leaders from around the world will meet in Kunming and Glasgow to discuss the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Convention on Climate Change at COP15 and COP26 respectively. In those conversations, the role of nature will be paramount. Nature-based solutions will play an integral role in the fight against climate change, which has made them one of the key presidential themes for COP26. Nature also underpins the ecological emergency which is interlinked with the climate crisis.

This panel event places the COP26 theme of nature-based solutions within the context of the wider sustainability agenda, especially the upcoming COP15 for the Convention on Biological Diversity. Our expert panellists link the two Conventions and their conferences through the lens of nature and nature-based solutions, giving insights into what to expect ahead of COP15, the links between the two conferences, and the importance of nature as a key element of both high-level discussions.

This event was jointly hosted by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), the Royal Society for Biology (RSB), and the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES).