In Practice Issue 91: Animal Plant Diseases (March 2016)


Wildlife Disease Surveillance by the Animal and Plant Health Agency
J. Paul Duff, Alex M. Barlow, Andrew C. Breed, Daisy Duncan, J. Paul Holmes and Richard M. Irvine

Provision of Wildlife Disease Surveillance in Scotland
Caroline Robinson

Control Measures for Exotic Plant Pests and Diseases in the UK
Paul Beales, Helen Long and Lucy Carson-Taylor

Disease Risk Analysis and Post-Release Health Surveillance in Wildlife Translocations
Liam Fitzpatrick, Jenny Jaffe, Tony Sainsbury and Ian Carter

Wildlife Disease & Contaminant Monitoring & Surveillance Network
Richard Shore

Monitoring Disease in Birds and Other Wildlife: Partnering Citizen Scientists with Paid Professionals
Mike Toms and Becki Lawson

Bats and Infectious Diseases: A Two-Sided Story
Lisa Worledge and Helen Miller

The Ecological and Conservation Implications of Ash Dieback (Chalara) and Methods to Mitigate Impacts
Ruth Mitchell, Alice Broome and Ralph Harmer

The Role of the Two Spotted Oak Buprestid in Acute Oak Decline
Katy Reed

Important Updates in Natural Environment Law and Policy
Chloe Sutcliffe

Joint SNH-CIEEM Sharing Good Practice Event on Non-Native and Emergent Diseases of Wild Plants and Animals
Jenny Park

Sharing Evidence of Effective Management and Mitigation
Sally Hayns and Mick Hall

Conservation Evidence: Providing Evidence to Improve Practice
Nancy Ockendon and Bill Sutherland

Sharing Ecological Data Using GIS Files
Richard Smith, Peter Johnson, Sarah Yarwood-Lovett, Tom Hunt, Mandy Rudd and Rosie Whicheloe

Great Crested Newt HSI Calculator Tool
Owen Crawshaw

Pragmatism, Proportionality and Professional Judgement

Using the ‘My CPD’ Tool

The Alternative Decalogue for CIEEM Members: Towards Improving Standards in the Profession
Des Thompson, Richard Graves, Sally Hayns and Deborah Alexander