In Practice Issue 90: Balancing Biodiversity and Recreation Management (Dec 2015)


We Will Only Protect What We Value
Stuart Brooks

Meet People Where They Are
Bruce Howard

Natural Estates: Inclusive Approaches to Biodiverse Landscapes
Mathew Frith

Responsible Reconnection: Facilitating Sympathetic Access to Sensitive Sites
Simon Thompson

National Nature Reserves: Dedication for Public Access under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW)
Bruce Cutts

How Participatory GIS Can Help Integrate People’s Cultural Values into Landscape Planning
Helen Davies, Marion Frandsen, Hugh Inwood and Andy Wharton

Caring for the Coast… the Next 100 Years
Tony Flux

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal of Low Impact, Large-scale Transport Infrastructure Schemes
Mike Gibbs

Meet the Author – Mathew Frith

Synthetic Biology and Ecology: A New Frontier
Paul Goriup and Philip Seddon

Submitting Your Project for the Best Practice Awards: A Guidance Note for Nominees
David Tyldesley

Charging Ahead at Natural England
Joanna Carter

The Consultants Portal: Helping Consultants Share Biological Data
Ella Vogel and Rachel Stroud

Meeting the favourable conservation status test for European Protected Species: Natural England’s response to Penny Simpson’s different approach
Matt Heydon

Letter from Member: EPS Licensing – An Unsatisfactory Situation
Peter Middleton

Impact Risk Zones, SSSIs and EIA: A Clarification for Ecologists and Planners
Claire Wansbury and Michael Knight

Update from the CIEEM Advisory Forum: Improving Professionalism within Ecologists
Karen Colebourn and David Tyldesley

Raising Standards Project – The (Almost) Final Report

Safe and Responsible Use of Social Media
Jason Reeves, Ellie Strike and Phil Baarda