In Practice Issue 84: Freshwater Ecology (June 2014)


Time to rethink our relationship with water
Sue Illman

How much water do rivers need? Hydroecology and environmental flows
Liam Atherton ACIEEM, Stuart Smith CEnv and Brian Cox CEnv

Water voles – a preview of new guidelines for survey and mitigation
Mike Dean CEnv MCIEEM, Derek Gow MCIEEM and Richard Andrews CEnv MCIEEM

Out of sight, out of mind? Monitoring freshwater fish
Chris Gardner and Adam Ellis MCIEEM

The role of beaver-generated landscapes in flood prevention
Derek Gow MCIEEM and Mark Elliott CEnv MCIEEM

Claws for thought – invasive non-native crayfish in the UK
Adam Ellis MCIEEM

Natives and Aliens on the River Glaven – a crayfish control case study
Martin Pugh MCIEEM

Marine planning around England
Paul Gilliland

Meet the Author – Sue Illman

Accessing and Using Data from the New NBN Gateway
Mandy Henshall

Our Professional Responsibilities
Andy Mackenzie MCIEEM

Disciplinary Matters
Mick Hall CEnv MCIEEM

Complaints Update

Update from the Advisory Forum: You Can Make a Difference
Karen Colebourn MCIEEM and David Tyldesley FCIEEM

Applying to be a Chartered Ecologist: Some Advice for Prospective Applicants
Penny Anderson CEcol CEnv FCIEEM

New Membership Eligibility Now in Effect!

A Question of Judgement
Claire Wansbury CEcol CEnv FCIEEM