In Practice Issue 83: Marine and Coastal (March 2014)


Dealing with uncertainty and the precautionary approach to the marine environment
Tim Norman CEnv MCIEEM, Mike Barker CEnv FCIEEM and Mike Smith

Underwater noise in the marine environment
Silvana Neves, Kate Boltwood, Andrew Baker MCIEEM and Federica Pace GradCIEEM

Seasearch – a national SCUBA diving project providing evidence for marine conservation and training in marine species identification and survey skills
Chris Wood, Jean-Luc Solandt, Calum Duncan and Paula Lightfoot MCIEEM

Intertidal Discovery Project – Coastal survey and mapping for conservation and public benefit in Cornwall
Martin Goodall MCIEEM, Carolyn Waddell and Catherine Wilding

Offsetting: moving towards an evidence-based metric for biodiversity assessment
L.J. Cousins GradCIEEM, S. McMellor MCIEEM, G.J.C. Underwood and L.J Appleby Hepburn

Digital photography and biological recording: opportunities and pitfalls based on a study of hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae)
Roger Morris CEnv FCIEEM

Meet the Author – Roger Morris

Ecology Legal Update
Penny Simpson and Dean Amory

Raising Standards of Professional Practice: Update and Next Stages
Linda Yost CEnv MCIEEM and Mick Hall CEnv MCIEEM

The Only Way is Ethics
Lisa Kerslake CEcol CEnv MCIEEM and Mike Oxford CEcol FCIEEM

What Use is CIEEM to an Academic or, Indeed, What Use is an Academic to CIEEM?
Eirene Williams CEnv FCIEEM Rtd and Roland Randall CEnv FCIEEM