In Practice Issue 80: Green Infrastructure (June 2013)


Green Infrastructure: An Introduction
Paul Roebuck MCIEEM

The Blackwater Valley Road: using green infrastructure for ecological mitigation
Suzanne Glencross MCIEEM, Steve Bailey MCIEEM and Claire Wansbury FCIEEM

Dormouse Bridges on the UK Road Network
David Wells CEnv MCIEEM and Jon Davies CEnv MCIEEM

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation in Relation to Canal Regeneration: The Cotswold Canals, Gloucestershire
Liza Hollinghurst MCIEEM

The A63 in South West France: Green Infrastructure gets an opportunity to recover
Martyn Gest ACIEEM and Irene Gest MCIEEM

Is it detrimental to lichens to move the bricks supporting them?
Paul Smith CEnv MCIEEM

Assessing Coastal Habitat Loss: The Role of Coastal Squeeze
Nigel Pontee

DNA barcoding as a tool for fungal conservation: Fast and economical identification at any time of year
Gareth Griffith CEnv MCIEEM

Opinion Piece: Better for Man and Better for Beast – Bats, Newts and Article 12(4) of the Habitats Directive
Hugh Watson CEnv MCIEEM

Spring 2013 Conference Report: Ecosystem Services

Overseas Territories Special Interest Group Conference Report