In Practice Issue 65: Training and Education (Sept 2009)


Why Should Learned Societies and Professional Bodies Worry About Science Education? 
Karen Devine

Becoming a Botanist?
Clare O’Reilly MIEEM

Project LEMUR: Training the Next Generation of Wildlife Professionals 
Phil Burton

Ecological Skills Training: A Provider Perspective
Petra Billings MIEEM

Natural Talent 
Joanne Mould

The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy – Training the Next Generation of Taxonomists
Isabella Van de Velde and Thierry Backeljau

Is the Time Right to Move to a Membership Exam?
Steve Pullan CEnv FIEEM

A Practical Introduction to GIS in Ecology
Ben Fisher

Biodiversity Data, Informatics and Ecologists – The e-Biosphere 09 Conference
Debbie Bartlett MIEEM and Tony Witts

A Method for Assessing Water Vole Habitat Suitability
Jane Harris CEnv MIEEM, Helen Markwell CEnv MIEEM and Ben Raybould

New Badger Guidance from Natural England 
Charles J Wilson

Continuing Professional Development
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Professor John Rodwell Awarded the IEEM Medal