In Practice Issue 60: Ecological Economics (June 2008)


Economics, Business and Biodiversity – Can Ecology Help? 
Paul Goriup CEnv FIEEM

Environmental and Nature Conservation Economic Impacts
Ian D. Rotherham CEnv MIEEM

ComCoast: Socio-Economic Assessment of Multifunctional Coastal Schemes
Ian Bliss

Countryside Survey: The Largest Ever ‘Audit’ of the UK’s Natural Resources Nears Completion
Paul Mahony

The Scottish Wildcat Survey 2006-2008 
Adrian Davis MIEEM

Protecting Species and Maximising Biodiversity Gain: Making Sense of the New Regulations 
Catriona Carlin

Bringing Aggregates Sites to Life
Andrew Whitehouse

Great Crested Newts and Their Protection: Are We Getting It All Wrong?
Hugh Watson CEnv MIEEM

What Kind of Profession Is This?
Cameron S Crook MIEEM

The Environmental Sector: Fact v Fiction
Nick Jackson AIEEM

IEEM Spring Conference 2008 
Nick Jackson AIEEM