In Practice Issue 58: Ecological Networks and Connectivity (Dec 2007)


Environmental Stewardship: From Disfunction to Connectivity 
Roger Crofts

The Natura 2000 Network: The First 15 Years 
John Houston CEnv MIEEM

Nodes in Green Networks: Local Nature Reserves for Local People across the UK 
John Box CEnv FIEEM, Steve Berry, Peter Cush, Ian Angus and Pete Frost

The Forest Habitat Network Grant Scheme: The Wiki-Way in the Scottish Highlands 
Phil Baarda CEnv MIEEM

Brownfields, Greengrids and Invertebrate Biodiversity 
Greg Hitchcock and Jane Ellis

Mapping Britain and Ireland’s Birds: The 2007-2011 Bird Atlas Project
Bob Swann

New Species Protection Legislation: Opportunities and Risks for Consultant Ecologists 
Penny Simpson

IEEM Annual Conference Report 
Nick Jackson AIEEM

Developments in the Ecological Profession: Membership Survey 2007
Jason Reeves AIEEM