In Practice Issue 53 (Sept 2006)


Ecological Networks in Cheshire 
Alun Evans MIEEM, Ian Marshall and Mike Wellman

EcIA Guidelines Launch Conference
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Evidence-Based Conservation 
William J. Sutherland

Managing Species-Rich Grasslands
Robert S. Shiel

Mapping Irish Grasslands from Space
Grace O’Donovan

Advice for Young Ecologists 
Claire Wansbury

A Risky Business 
Martin Jackson

An Agenda for Urban Biodiversity 
John Box CEnv MIEEM and George Barker

Curry and Conservation 
Linda Yost CEnv MIEEM

Double Award for MAGical Meadows
Jason Reeves AIEEM

ECCB 2006
Jim Thompson CEnv MIEEM and Jason Reeves AIEEM