In Practice Issue 111: Ethics and Standards (March 2021)

Nik Prowse

How Ecological Data Management Standards, Data Automation and a Web-based Mapping Interface Can Transform Ecological Decision-making on Construction Projects
James Hicks and Lewis Mould

Why Effective Ecological Reports are Essential
Iain Boulton, Melanie Dodd, Sue Hooton, Mike Oxford and Suzanne Waymont

Absent from Planning Applications: the Implications of Missing or Poorly Validated Limitations Sections in UK Impact Assessments, and How to Fix Them
Tim Reed

Becoming a Better Botanist: Tools for Early Career Ecologists
Oliver Glenister

Species Identification Skills are the Basis of Ecological Survey Standards
Tim Rich

Considering Terrestrial Invertebrates in Preliminary Ecological Appraisals: What Should I Be Looking For?
Andy Jukes

Carbon and Ecosystems
Penny Anderson and Tamsin Morris

The Importance of Considering Detection Probability and Species Ecology in Ecological Surveys: a Response to Gorman et al., Extended Season Environmental DNA Surveys for Great Crested Newts
Andrew S. Buxton, Jim Foster and Richard A. Griffiths

A New Code of Conduct to Improve the Ethics of Employing Freelance Ecologists
Tilly Tilbrook

Early Career Ecologists: Time to Root Out Exploitation in the Consultancy Sector
Marcus Kohler

Development and Net Gain: Promise and Reality
Dominic Woodfield

Coping with Depression: An Ecologist’s Perspective
Mike Oxford

The Environment Bill: Where are We Now with Mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain?
Arunsiri Doheny-Adams and Sabrina Ahmed

Ethical Dilemmas

Complaints Update

Meet the Editorial Board

Policy Activities Update
Amber Connett

CIEEM Welcomes New Fellow

Changes to the Routes to Chartership
Sarah Cox

From the Country Project Officers

The Ornithological Skills Pyramid: Creating a Benchmark for the Ecological Consultancy Community
Marcus Kohler and David Wege

British Ecological Society

By Members for Members

Q&A: Richard Handley

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