In Practice Issue 108: A Green Recovery (June 2020)

Max Wade

Feature Articles

Dealing with Ancient Woodland – Time for a Rethink?
Richard Gowing

Fruit Trees and Their Potential as Medium-Term Mitigation for Roosting Bats
Stephanie Harper, Simon Barker, Ian Davidson-Watts and Oliver Barnett

Noise Impacts on Bats – A Sound Assessment?
Paola Reason and Clive Bentley

Should We Rethink Winter Pond Maintenance For Newts?
Bradley Fairclough, Grant Walker and Erik Paterson

Vacant and Derelict Land – Its Impact on Communities
Kathie Pollard

Is the Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) Strategy Working?
Liz Allinson-Thomas

Insights From a Decade of Monitoring a Marsh Fritillary Metapopulation in South Wales. Part 1: Ecology and Methodology
Lucy Emery, Stephanie McCambridge and Rhian Lewis

Contrasting Project Assessments Under Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive in Ireland and the UK
Robert Fennelly

Professional Updates

Accredited ECoW – An Update
Sally Hayns

Net Gain and the Marine Environment: A Great Opportunity If We Get It Right
Colin Scott and Vicky West

Stimulating Representation of BAME People in the Ecological Professions
Hannah Williams

Membership Update
Stuart Parks

Ethical Dilemmas

Complaints Update

Copyright Considerations in Ecological Reports

Mapping and Preliminary Status Analysis for Likely New Endemic Orchid Taxon in Turks and Caicos Islands
B. Naqqi Manco

Reporting Wildlife Crime: Part 2 – Practical Considerations & Achieving Best Possible Outcomes
Mike Oxford, Martin Sims and Sally Hayns

EcoWorks: Whistle-Stop Problem Busting for Nature-Based Solutions to the Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Crisis
John Box

Steps to Net-Zero: How We are Tackling the Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Crisis
Amber Connett and John Box

Policy Activities Update
Amber Connett

Rachel Hoskin MCIEEM (1975-2020)

CIEEM Welcomes New Fellows

British Ecological Society: A Family Stretching Across the Oceans

Member Network News

New Members

Recent Publications and Journals