In Practice Issue 102: Data and Information Managament (December 2018)

Feature Articles

Developing the Use of Mobile GIS for Ecological Surveys
Matthew Leaver, Polly Tayler, Hannah Tracey and Will Trewhella

R Coding as a Tool to Streamline Manipulation and Analysis of Ecological Data Sets
Nicole Dunn and Gillian Vallejo

The Irish Vegetation Classification – An Overview of Concepts, Structure and Tools
Philip M. Perrin, Úna FitzPatrick and Deirdre Lynn

Bird Bioacoustic Surveys – Developing a Standard Protocol
Carlos Abrahams

Optimising Camera Trap Data Quality at Mammal Resting Places
Melanie A. Findlay, Robert A. Briers and Patrick J. C. White

Green-Lighting Green Infrastructure: A Data-Driven Approach for Promoting Green Infrastructure in London
Abby Crisostomo, Katherine Drayson and Peter Massini

Cofnod: Creating Data Systems for Consultant Ecologists
Roy Tapping

Professional Updates

Predatory Journals: A Growing Threat to Scientific Integrity?
Andrew Cherrill and Simon R. Leather

Accessible UK Wildlife Data For All – the NBN Atlas
Jo Judge, Mandy Henshall and Sophia Ratcliffe

Legal Update: There’s No Such Thing As A Mitigation Measure
Brendan Slattery and Jenny Neff

Ecology in BREEAM, CEEQUAL and HQM – Updating and Expanding the Approach
Max Wade and Yetunde Abdul

Natural England Updates

Accredited Ecological Clerk of Works – An Update

Plant Identification Skills

New Scheme for Registered Practices

Membership Update
Stuart Parks

Policy Activities Updates
Amber Connett

Student Hub

British Ecological Society A-Level Summer School
Karen Devine