Employment & Salary Survey 2017-2018

CIEEM’s 2017-18 survey of members’ employment, income trends and job satisfaction provides an important benchmark for the profession. It paints a picture of a hardworking, highly motivated and committed workforce.

Employment levels and prospects are generally good, but working hours are long and many employed members contribute un-remunerated time to their employer. Self-employed members work, on average, slightly longer hours but enjoy the flexibility and independence of their role.

Salaries are, in general, below those of related professions and significantly below the average for a professional working in the science and technology sector. For Full members, whether employed or self-employed, average salaries are higher outside of the UK than within.

Despite the challenges of long, anti-social hours and disappointing pay, job satisfaction levels are good and most respondents would recommend the profession to those looking for an interesting, varied and worthwhile career.