Ecohydrological Guidelines for Lowland Wetland Plant Communities

The main objective of the ‘Ecohydrological Guidelines for Lowland Wetland Plant Communities’ project is to produce a user-friendly guide containing generic ecohydrological information on the requirements of selected freshwater wetland communities. These guidelines will assist with tasks such as Appropriate Assessments of the effects of Agency permissions and consents required under the Habitats Directive Review of Consents.

This is part of our Good Practice Guidance for Habitats and Flora, produced by Richard Jefferson, Dominic Price, Iain Diack, Steve Coates and Andy Mclay.

Reference: Wheeler, B.D., Gowing, D.J.G., Shaw, S.C., Mountford J.O. & Money, R.P. (2004) Ecohydrological Guidelines for Lowland Wetland Plant Communities (ed. A.W. Brooks, P.V. José & M. I. Whiteman). Environment Agency – Anglian Region, Peterborough, UK.