CIEEM Webinar: Sector Streams episode 9 – Economics and the Environment

In this episode of Sector Streams we’ll be discussing the links between economics and the environment.

Too often we address nature conservation and environmental protection in isolation, separating it out from the economy and society. This panel discussion will look at the economy as a subset of the environment, the growing interest in natural capital and biodiversity credits, revisiting the Dasgupta Review and alternative approaches such as “doughnut economics”.

The panel discussion will be followed by questions from the audience.

This Panel will include the below:

– Dr Catherine Farrell, Irish Natural Capital Accounting for Sustainable Environments (INCASE), Trinity College Dublin
– Karen Ellis, Director of Sustainable Economy, WWF-UK
– Prof. Roger Crofts CBE, CIEEM Patron and former CEO of Scottish Natural Heritage

Host: Jason Reeves, Head of Policy, CIEEM