CIEEM Webinar: Influencing Policy For Ecologists and Environmental Managers


This Webinar will be hosted by Amber Connett. Amber joined CIEEM as a Policy and Communications Intern in 2018, following a BSc in Conservation Biology, to support the Head of Policy to influence policy and legislation to protect and enhance nature. Amber now leads CIEEM’s Action 2030 project alongside policy activities and providing the Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Nature.


This webinar will provide an overview of how policy and law is developed and will focus on where the opportunities lie for influencing outcomes. We will look in detail at how ecologists and environmental managers can apply their expertise in protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems to support the development of policies and legislation that will deliver for nature. This webinar will focus on the UK system.

Please note, this webinar will assume some knowledge of the UK Parliament function and structure.

• Overview of Parliamentary processes
• Why evidence matters and how practice can influence policy
• Opportunities for influencing:
o Parliamentary engagement (contacting your representative
o Committees and giving evidence
o Consultations
o Parliamentary research and briefings
• How to pitch to your audience
• Useful resources
• Opportunities at CIEEM
• Q & A